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Sandy's Ceremonies Wedding Officiant Louisiana

Your New Orleans

Love Ceremony Conductor

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Your Officiant, Your Storyteller, with a Heart Full of Love and a Dash of Louisiana Spice!

Crafting Love Stories, One Ceremony at a Time

Sandy is not just your officiant; she’s your devoted storyteller, your guide through the pages of your unique love story. Born and raised amidst the vibrant spirit of New Orleans and its charming suburbs, her journey as an officiant is a testament to her deep love for love itself.

A Taste of New Orleans, A Love So True

Sandy’s roots are entwined with the rich flavors of New Orleans. Imagine her relishing her all-time favorite po-boy in Metairie by the enchanting Lakefront in the heart of the city. Those childhood days were flavored with the sweet delight of sour apple snowballs with sweet condensed milk and the joy of swinging on the horse decorated swings beneath the timeless oaks in the majestic and historic City Park. 

Where Oaks Whisper Love Stories

It was under the ancient, majestic oaks of City Park that Sandy discovered her passion for love stories. These iconic trees, with their sprawling branches, stood witness to countless love stories, and Sandy felt blessed to witness the radiant couples who pledged their love beneath their lush canopy.

Love’s Melody, Imperfect and Beautiful

Despite her deep love for love, Sandy humbly admits she’s no virtuoso when it comes to song lyrics. But that’s the beauty of love-it’s unique and imperfect melody, composed by the hearts of the couples who write their own story.

Today, Sandy is more than just an officiant; she’s your love curator, your guide to crafting a ceremony as unique as your love story. With a heart full of authenticity and a hint of that special Louisiana spice, she’s here to make your special day truly magical.

Whether you dream of a traditional New Orleans wedding or desire a celebration as unique as your love, Sandy is ready to create the masterpiece your love story deserves.


Ceremonies & Such

At Sandy’s Ceremonies & Such, I craft and conduct ceremonies that are as unique as the love stories they celebrate. Based in the enchanting town of Slidell, Louisiana, I’m deeply committed to making your special day an unforgettable experience. I hold the belief that your ceremony should reflect your vision, your journey, and the essence of your love story.

A Personal


For me, the magic lies in the details. It’s my mission to ensure that your ceremony is a genuine reflection of your love, filled with the words that resonate with your hearts. My journey with you begins with a complimentary consultation, where we delve into your dreams and desires. From acquiring the necessary marriage license to providing ongoing support via phone or email, I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Kind Words

My husband and I decided to do an elopement ceremony rather than a traditional wedding. Sandy helped us prepare for our ceremony by sending us questions about our relationship and promises we wanted to make to each other.

The day of our ceremony, we had a change of plans due to weather. Sandy was right on board and was able to meet us at our new location without a problem! Sandy was very personal with her invocation and created a beautiful moment for us.

After the ceremony, she walked us through what the next steps were for our marriage license and ensured everything would be taken care of. I highly recommend Sandy as an officiant as she is very personal and professional.



If you’re excited to explore the possibilities of a ceremony that speaks to your hearts, I encourage you to reach out. Let’s embark on this journey together, crafting a ceremony that encapsulates the unique facets of your love. Your story is precious, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.